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Hanzade V. Boyner
(President of the Foundation)

Vuslat Doğan Sabancı
(Deputy Chairman of the Foundation)

Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ (Member)
(Executive Director)
Prof. Dr. Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN 
Prof. Dr. Üstün ERGÜDER 
Ertuğrul ÖZKÖK
Sedat Ergin
Volkan Vural
Hanzade V. Boyner (President of the Foundation)
Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ (Member)
Graduated from Istanbul Saint-Michel High School, Arzuhan Doğan received her BA degree in Sociology at Bosphorus University and later completed her Business Administration education at American International University of London.

Started her professional life at Milpa in 1990, she initiated a mail order business in cooperation with the German firm, Quelle and managed the company until 1993. Between 1994 and 1995, she took part in the establishment of Alternatifbank and served on its Board. From 1995 to 1996, she managed the Finance Department of Milliyet Magazine Group. Later, she joined Kanal D and served there in several positions until 2005.

Ms. Yalçındağ started efforts in 1999 to establish a joint news channel with the American Time Warner Group, which produced CNN Turk Channel the next year. In 2005, she became the President of the Executive Committee of Doğan TV and a Board Member of Doğan Holding; and assumed these positions until her assignment as the Chairperson of Doğan Holding and Doğan Yayın Holding. Also, she is one of the founders of Aydın Doğan Foundation and still serves on its Board of Directors.

Elected as the first female Chairperson of the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD) in 2007, she chaired the Association until 2010. After her resignation, she joined the Council of Presidents there.

As a Young Global Leader selected by the World Economic Forum, Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ founded "Women's Initiative for Turkey in the EU" and has been lobbying to establish dialogue between Turkish and European women. She is a founding member of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey; and also serves as a Board Member at the following organizations: The Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation, the Turkish-American Businessmen Association, the Turkish Third Sector Foundation.

As of January 2010, Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ is the Chairperson of Doğan Holding.
Candan Fetvacı (Executive Director)

Following her education at the American College for Girls, Arnavutköy, Istanbul, Candan Fetvacı received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the Business School of Bosphorus University, Istanbul. Between  1976 -1995 she worked for the same university as Management Simulation Program Coordinator. In addition to this assignment, Candan Fetvacı also set up the Scholarship Office of Bosphorus University and served as its Coordinator  until 1997. From 1997 until 2004 she worked as the General Manager of Bosphorus University Foundation. Since 2004 Candan Fetvaci holds the post of  Executive Director of the Aydın Doğan Foundation.

Orhan Birgit (Member)

Birgit is a graduate of Istanbul University, School of Law. Starting in his student days, he worked for various newspapers and magazines. He took up different posts with CHP – Republican People’s Party. In 1965 he was elected as Member of Parliament, representing Istanbul.  He became Minister of Tourism and Public Relations in 1973. During the Cyprus Peace Operation in 1974, he served as the Speaker of the Cabinet.

Orhan Birgit went back to journalism after 1980. He became Editor of Dünya Daily, Consultant to Hürriyet Daily,  first Columnist, then Editor, and finally Editor-in-Chief of  Yeni Günaydın Daily. Currrently, he is a Columnnist of Cumhuriyet Daily. He also teaches at the Communication Schools of Eskişehir and Galatasaray Universities and Media Communication Systems at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen (Member)

Following his graduation from Eskişehir Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences, Büyükerşen continued his academic career at his alma mater. In 1973 he became full professor and in 1976 he was elected as the Director of the Academy.

In the 70’s Professor Yılmaz Büyükerşen founded Turkey’s first Cinema and Television College which he later strengthened with the country’s first color-tv-studio and broadcasting system. In 1982 Büyükerşen became the President of Anadolu University. Later he was elected to the Higher Council of Radio and Television Board (RTÜK) where he also served as chairman for two terms.

Professor Büyükerşen realised the Open University Project for Turkey in 1982. Between 1993 and 1997 he served as Chairman of the Board of Educational  Volunteers Foundation of Turkey. (Türkiye Eğitim Gönüllüleri VakfI – TEGV). In the 1999 elections,  he was elected   Mayor of Metropolitan Eskişehir.

Nuri Çolakoğlu (Member)

Nuri Çolakoğlu is a graduate of Robert College of Istanbul and Ankara University, School of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations. Starting in 1969, he served as Editor of Foreign News Desk and Deputy General Manager of Turkish State Radio & Television Network – TRT, Ankara correspondent of German News Agency DPA, Sweedish Television, and German Radio WDR. He was also Editor-in-Chief of Aydınlık Newspaper, Producer for BBC World Service Turkey Desk  and Chief of the London Bureau and News Editor of Milliyet Daily. Çolakoğlu worked in the establishment of many Turkish private television channels. He served as Show TV Program Director and General Manager, concept   developer of CINE 5 pay-tv channel, Chairman of NTV Executive Committee, concept developer of CNBC-e, a channel devoted to economic news, as well as the Director of the Executive Committee of  CNN Turk.

Currently, Nuri Çolakoğlu is Coordinator of the Printed Media and Televisions of the Doğan Media Group of Companies as well as the Executive Director of D-Productions Company – a TV production company where Doğan Group is a partner.

M.Erol Çamur (Member)

Mehmet Erol Çamur was born in 1966 in Arguvan, Malatya. He finished his early schooling and his university education in Ankara. He is a graduate of Ankara University, School of Political Sciences (1986). Between 1986 – 1995 Erol Çamur served as Inspector on the Tax Inspectors’ Board of the Turkish Ministery of Finance.

In the years 1995 -2000, Mehmet Erol Çamur worked as administrator in the private sector. In 2000 he started working for the Doğan Group where he undertook the financial coordination of the various companies of the Group. Currently, he is on the Boards of Directors of many companies under the umbrella of the Doğan Group of Companies and also serves as Financial Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Üstün Ergüder (Member)

Prof. Ergüder finished Robert College of Istanbul and the Political Science Department of Manchester University, UK. He received his PhD in Political Science in  the USA, at Syracuse University.  Between  1969- 2000 he served  as faculty  member of Bosphorus University, Istanbul. From 1988 to 1992 he served as Chairman of the Political Science and International Relations Department. He was President of Bosphorus University between 1992 and 2000.  Since 2000 he is a faculty member and the Director of Istanbul Policy Center  (IPC) of Sabancı University.

As visiting professor, Üstün Ergüder also taught at State University of New York and Syracuse University, USA. He was at Michigan University as a guest researcher. Along with scientific articles published abroad, he is also the author of two books.

Ertuğrul Özkök (Member)

Ertuğrul Özkök is a graduate Ankara University, Higher School of Press and Media Studies of the Department of Political Sciences. Özkök  worked one year as a correspondent for Turkish State Radio and Television Network - TRT. He then went to France where he got his PhD in Communication Sciences. On his return, he joined the faculty of Hacettepe University. After earning the title of Associate Professor in 1986, he left the academic world to join Hürriyet Daily as representative of Hürriyet  at  Ankara, and later, at Moscow .
Ertuğrul Özkök continued his career as Editor-in-Chief of Hürriyet. Currently, he is a columnist for Hürriyet.

Özkök is also the author of books:  Art, Communications, and Power (Sanat, İletişim ve İktidar - 1982), Dismentaling of Masses (Kitlelerin Çözülüşü - 1984), Good-by Rebellion (Elveda Başkaldırı - 1987), Stalin’s Baroque  (Stalin Baroku - 1989),  In Extra Time  (Artakalan Zamanda - 1997),  and Strange  (Tuhaf - 2010).

Sedat Ergin (Member)


Volkan Vural (Member)


Aydın DOĞAN (Founder of the Foundation)

Born in 1936 as a member of a well-known family in Kelkit, Aydin Dogan got his elementary and secondary school education in Kelkit and finished high-school in Erzincan. Between 1958-61, he attended Istanbul Economy and Commerce Academy where his leadership qualities were first recognized helping him to become the Student Community Leader.

In 1959, he got registered in Mecidiyekoy Tax Office and started his professional life trading construction equipment, as well as passenger and commercial vehicles.

Mr. Dogan founded his first industrial company in 1974 and joined both the Assembly and the Administrative Board of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. In the years that followed, he served as a board member in the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

Mr. Dogan became a publisher with the acquisition of the daily newspaper Milliyet in 1979. With the addition of the prestigious daily newspaper Hürriyet in 1994, he intensified his presence in the media. Between 1986 and 1996, he served as the head of the Association of Turkish Newspaper Publishers. In 2004, Mr. Doğan became the first elected Turkish Deputy Chairperson of WAN - World Association of Newspapers.

In 1999, was awarded Turkey's Outstanding Service Medal by the Turkish Government. He received four honorary doctorates in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2005 respectively from Girne American University, Eagean University, Baku State University and Marmara University.

He establlished Aydın Doğan Foundation in 1996, bringing the social, cultural, educational and scientific activities of the Doğan Group under the same umbrella. To date, numerous schools, dormitories, sports halls and parks have been built and named after him and family members. While mainly focusing on education, the Foundation is also involved in organizing national and international conferences, conventions and seminars on economic, social, cultural and scientific issues. As part of its social and cultural activities, the Foundation also conducts national and international competitions and awards prizes, such as the Aydın Doğan Award and the Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, the world's largest and most respected in this field.

Since 1977, Mr. Dogan has been the top taxpayer registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce several times. Out of this company founded with three employees in 1961, he created one of Turkey's top three largest conglomerates with over 20,000 employees.

Mr. Doğan is married with four children and seven grandchildren.


Ahmet Toksoy (Member)

Ahmet Toksoy who was born in Istanbul in 1959, is a 1981 graduate of Istanbul University, Finance Department of the School of Business Administration. In 1984 he began his career as financial anaylist, working for the Turkish Ministery of Finance. In 1989 he joined the Hürriyet Group where he served as member of the Audit Group and Director of Financial Affairs. Toksoy also held seats on the Audit Boards and Boards of Directors of the companies of the Group. Between 1995-1998 with the Aktif Denetim YMM Ltd. Co. he founded, he offered services as certifier and consultant to Doğan Media Group and their affiliates. In 1998 he returned to the Group as Group Financial Director and member of the Executive Committee. Along with his task of managing and auditing all financial activities of all the companies of the Group, he became responsible for all financial and legal affairs, budgets, financing, plant management, purchasing, audit, and human resources activities of Hürriyet Daily and its affiliates.

Ahmet Toksoy is currently the Director of Risk and Audit Department of the Doğan Group of Companies, member of the Executive Board and Board of Directors of Hürriyet Journalism and Printing Co. (Hürriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaacılık AŞ) and Doğan Publishing Holding Co. (Doğan Yayın Holding AŞ.)

Vuslat Doğan Sabancı (Deputy Chairman of the Foundation)
Vuslat Dogan Sabanci was named as the Chief Executive Officer of Hürriyet on January 2004. As the Company’s senior business executive, she is responsible for its business strategy and she runs the enterprise on a day-to-day basis.

Over the last 4 years, since she became the Chief Executive Officer she steered the company in line with a global business perspective, emphasizing strong presence in developing media markets through acquisitions. Besides this initiative, she led the company in its efforts to compete in the new media business by launching succesful online endeavours. During her tenure, Hürriyet’s social presence was strengthened thanks to social responsibility campaigns.

Among these initiatives are acquisition of Trader Media East, the most succesful online and print advertising medium of Russia, CIS and other countries in the region; initiating and strengthening the online presence of Hürriyet by the pioneering launching of its web-site and turning it into the # 1 Turkish web-site; launching online serial advertising sites for real estate and motor cars in Turkey to position Hürriyet favourably in this new and expanding advertising segment; launching Strengthening existing newspaper brands in Hürriyet portfolio like Turkish Daily News and launching business newspaper Referans; running a campaign against domestic violence and starting a campaign to instill the idea of human rights into the minds of the Turkish people in order to broaden the base of democracy; institutionalizing the inner operations of Hürriyet and establishing procedures to bring about more objectivity in day to day management.

Despite the macroeconomic challenges thrown by the domestic economy, Ms. Dogan Sabanci managed to grow Hürriyet under her stewardship. Hürriyet stock became one of the leading shares in Istanbul Stock Exchange among foreign investors.

Ms. Dogan Sabanci, joined Hürriyet in 1996 as the Vice President in charge of advertising. Three years later she rose to the rank of Group President for Marketing Operations, where her responsibilities included marketing, sales, human resources and IT operations.

Before joining Hürriyet, Ms. Dogan Sabanci worked in the editorial management department of The New York Times for a year, followed by employment at The Wall Street Journal, where she helped in the formation of the Asian Business World News Channel and the Latin American Edition of the Journal.

Born in 1971, Ms. Dogan Sabanci graduated from Bilkent University with a degree in Economics. She continued her education at Columbia University in New York, where she received an MA in International Media and Communications.

She is married with two sons.

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