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Aydın Doğan Center for Arts and Sciences, Afyon 
Aydın Doğan Center for Arts and Sciences in Afyon is an independent private educational institution opened to serve gifted pre-school, elementary and junior highschool students with a view to help them discover their talents, develop and use their potential to the fullest.

Education provided is designed to reach out to children who are either totally unable or partially able to benefit from normal schooling. Specially-trained educators utalize special tools and programs to realise this mission.

The Center aims to develop and implement projects to meet the needs of the immediate community in areas of production, manufactoring, technology, the arts and sciences, as well as in services.

Project development includes, identifying with officials, the realities and problems of the community, providing proposals for their solutions, implementation of solutions, and finally writing evaluation reports. The aim is to provide learning-by-doing opportunities to young talents.

TEGV Sema ve Aydın Doğan Education Park, Fındıkzade, İstanbul 
At the 27,000 m2 facility of the Sema ve Aydın Doğan Education Park, Fındıkzade, İstanbul, under the umbrella of TEGV (Turkish Foundation for Educational Volunteers) there are al total of 5 buildings:

  • an administrative building
  • school building
  • a guest house
  • volunteer academy
  • a gymnasium

Founded in 1996, TEGV (Turkish Foundation for Educational Volunteers) has provided educational support to appropximately 36,000 children. Along with training in the arts and sciences, at the Sema ve Aydın Doğan Education Park children also benefit from computer literacy programs as well as drama workshops, English, mathematics, many different sports - including basketball.

TSYD Aydın Doğan Education Center 
The 139.5 m2 Center seats 50 people and serves as a meeting venue for sports clubs, their press conferences, training seminars and board meetings.

Galatasary University Aydın Doğan Auditorium 
The auditorium enjoys a 400m2 conference hall and a lobby.With its acoustics designed for performance arts, and booths for simultaneous interpretation, the auditorium also hosts international congresses,conferences, seminars, and film showings.

London Schol of Economics 
In collaboration with the Turkish Central Bank, Union of Chambers and Commodity Markets, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and TAV Construction Consortium, the Aydın Doğan Foundation invested in the founding of Contemporary Turkish Studies at the European Institute of London School of Economics (LSE). Sir Howard Davies, Director of the London School of Economics - a university known as the best school of economics in Europe and as an institution training leaders of the future - in a ceremony held in Istanbul, said that the establishment of Contemporary Turkish Studies is very positive for Turkey - EU relations. Such a research institute is founded for the first time outside Turkey.


Address :Aydın Doğan Vakfı Burhaniye Mahallesi Kısıklı Caddesi No:65 P.K 34676 Üsküdar / İstanbul
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